BUG?: Pressing Undo during Note Input causes a jump in view

I am working on the middle of a score. When I enter notes in Caret mode (either typing or with MIDI input) and then I press undo, if I have inputted a wrong note, the whole view jumps to the last note in the score on that system. Note Input is still activated, but I can’t see the caret anymore. It’s quite frustrating. Is this a bug, or is there some setting I can change to stop this happening?
EDIT: this also happens when not in Caret mode. It happens whenever using the undo function — quite debilitating. I keep having to scroll back to the selected notes.

Dorico 5 / MacOS Ventura.

Can you reproduce the crash? If so, attach a short version of the project with the steps to reproduce.

Hi @Schweinhorn can you check in Dorico Preferences/Key commands/ and search for Undo, what key command is associated with it?

Also, does this happen also if you use the undo arrow on the up right of Dorico window?

Hi, thanks for the reply. KeyCommand is Cmd-Z (the default). Yes it also happens when clicking the undo button on the menubar.

Very strange. Never seen it happening.
-Does it happen also in Galley view?
-In full screen also?
-With a new project also or only on a specific project?

Maybe you can make a short video to show the behavior and post a link here?

Sorry, I should have said, this is happening in Galley view. I’ve attached a shortened version of the project here. It also happens when not in Note Input mode. Basically whenever Undo is used.
231023 example of error.dorico (3.8 MB)


I cannot reproduce it. All ok here.
Does it happens also if you shut down Dorico and try with a new fresh file?

here’s a short video.

(might take a few moments for youtube to process it)

hmm, ok — the error is clearly not saved in the file, then. I wonder what the problem is. Undo is working fine in every other application.

sorry again…

  1. Does it persist if you reboot Dorico?
  2. Does it happen in all scores, or just this one?

What if you use the menu: Edit/Undo? (probably the same…)

Oh, so then Dorico crashed, and now the problem is not happening after restarting. Strange. I’ll report back if it happens again. Thanks for all your replies.

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