BUG: Previewing with Loop Selection ON, then closing Unmix menu while playing, crashes SpectraLayers

(Summary: With a short 2-second audio selection on a single Layer, previewing an Unmix menu setting [in this case, Noisy Speech], then clicking the Cancel button while the sound is still playing & “Loop Selection” is ON, resulted in the looping sound getting stuck & crashing SpectraLayers [standalone program].)

Hi, I’m nearly done with my free trial of SpectraLayers, & ran into an awful bug that made me lose work. In standalone SpectraLayers, I had a short Time Range Selection of audio (about 2 seconds long) on a single Layer,
had “Loop Selection” on so my sample would automatically loop,
& had the Unmix>Noisy Speech window open.

I clicked the “Preview” button & listened to both the Speech & Noise options a few times each, then pressed the Cancel button to close it since it wasn’t what I wanted, without stopping the playback.

Well, the Unmix>Noisy Speech mini-window closed, but the sound of the last preview state it was on (I think “Noise” but I’m not sure) kept looping over & over, & the Loop/Stop/Play buttons were all greyed out so I couldn’t stop it. Then the whole program window grayed out too, & after waiting a little bit, then trying to click around a few more times, I got a Windows message that SpectraLayers was no longer responding, & I ended up having to tell it to close.

When I reopened it, it offered to open a backup of the last opened project, which I accepted, & the Layer & its sub-layers I had been working with were there (along with several other Layers in the project)… but there was no sound or spectrogram in the last created Layer & its sub-layers; they were empty. So my cut section was now gone from both its original source I’d cut it from & the new Layer I’d created for it, meaning a piece of the song was destroyed. All the other Layers seemed fine, but I didn’t test them all.

I closed that without saving, reopening my last project from my own hard save (not sure how long ago that had been), & sadly it was before I created that Layer. Oh well, better than my cut/paste being totally destroyed like in the recovery attempt, at least; I can select & make it again… :smiling_face_with_tear:

Anyway… I’m not too upset about the loss in this case (it was minor) & I understand that recovery attempts can’t always succeed, so I’m not seeking help about that.

But this could have been devastating if I hadn’t saved so recently. :cold_sweat:

So I just wanted to let y’all know about the crash itself, in case that’s something that can be fixed, so nobody else goes through this, or worse. :disappointed_relieved:

OS: Windows 10
PROCESSOR: Intel(R) Core™ i7-7700 CPU @ 3.60GHz (4 phys cores, 8 w/logic)
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 (8 GB VRAM)
RAM: 16 GB
SOFTWARE VERSION: SpectraLayers Pro 10.0.50 Build 343 (x86_64)

Thanks for reporting, will look into that !

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Oof, confirming that it’s repeatable, at least on my system… It keeps happening to me cuz I’m making very precise edits & it benefits me most to have Looping on nearly all the time, & in similar programs I’ve NEVER had to go through the hassle of stopping it just to back out of a submenu…

And I am losing a LOT of work now… :sob:
Last day of my trial isn’t leaving a great parting impression…

And I understand random flukes with restoring backups, but every single time now (5 or 6), the active layer comes back blank. Most of the time, this just so happens to be after I cut & pasted to a layer (or cut to New layer). So that segment of the song is just plain GONE forever every time this happens, so I have to end up rejecting the restoration & going back to my previous save many difficult steps before that. :tired_face:

What an obvious situation to have a handler for… I’m surprised this has gone unnoticed for so long… :confused: