Bug? Progress Bar visual issue

I searched the forums for this but couldn’t find it.

When doing an operation in Wavelab both in Audio Edit or Montage sections, the progress bar (when your processing audio or burning a CD, etc.) shows very faint stripes. I thought that was just a design change, no big deal really.

But today, while I was processing some audio in the Audio Edit section, I switched to another application while it was working. When I switched back to WL, the progress bar was a dark blue color, very easy to read. I confirmed this behavior by trying the same thing again.

You can see my software and hardware config in my signature. By the way, I haven’t run WL on my laptop for a while. So, so far I am only seeing this behavior on my Desktop machine.

Just thought you’d like to know.



I did finally have a chance to test this on my laptop last week and can confirm that this behavior exists on my laptop as well.

Anyone else experience this?

Any thoughts PG?

A screen shot would help. Thanks.

Sure, PG

This appears to be the case with any popup progress bar in WL, whether it’s in a montage or audio editing/processing window. I believe that any progress bar within the program windows and panels do not behave this way, they are always the dark blue.

This is a small bug related to the Style you have selected for WaveLab, in the main preferences.
With the default Windows 7 style, you won’t get that effect.

That was it, PG. Thanks. Not quite as “cool” looking as Plastique, but no big deal at all.

Thanks for your attention.