Bug: Prologue goes CrAzY!!! (Warning: Loud .wav)



I’m playing around with Prologue, seeing what it can do, then this rasping whizzing sound comes out of nowhere and takes over the system. I immediately reach for the main volume and turn it down. My output meters on my transport bar are maxed and clipping. The noise is unbearable and I stop playing. The meters stay maxed and clipping. Within a few seconds both channels go silent, but the right channel meter remains maxed while the left one goes to nil (- infinity - you know what I mean?) I can safely turn up the main volume on my hardware now, but that right meter remains pegged.

This problem is repeatable (causative conditions unknown, but it happens periodically) so I set up an audio loop back to record the sound as I played Prologue. It didn’t take long for it to happen again, and here’s the screen shot and a DANGEROUS .WAV FILE (BEWARE -VERY LOUD).


I’m using my Mac Pro’s built-in outs, and my buffer is maxed (2048 samples). Processor doesn’t jump. Either the meter goes down and things return to normal on their own, or I can close the project file, which will calm down the meter, and on re-opening the file everything’s back to normal. I’ve yet to try re-booting Cubase or the computer.

Nope - rebooting doesn’t help.

It’s not patch dependent - happens with a variety of patches.

Only happens when playing - can sit idle (silent) for a long time with no issue.

I think it’s just Prologue - Cubase is doing fine tracking all the chaos. There’re no crazy MIDI events - only the notes/data I’m sending.

Is this a problem with soft synths in general? I’m debating whether to go ITB or outboard voice generators - so far outboard’s winning :neutral_face:

So far this is highly reproducible on my machine:

Reboot computer
Launch Cubase
Create empty project
Add instrument track: Prologue/80s stabber
Play random notes for about a minute

Swap-swap-swap-swap-swap-swap-Swap-SWap-SWAp-SWAP-WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! (see previously posted .wav file)

The noise subsides on its own in a few seconds, but the right output meter in the transport remains pegged (even though no sound). Eventually, that meter also goes down and things return to normal in less than a minute.

So far it’s only Prologue doing this. Halion works fine, the Grand works fine.

It’s not patch specific. Switching to other patches doesn’t solve the problem.

Jut been trying this for a few minutes, nothing out of the ordinary, works as it should.

I fixed it by switching form the built-in audio driver (using the Mac’s built-in 1/8" audio jacks) to an RME AIO PCIe card/driver.

Guessing: Conflict between Cubase and/or Prologue and the Mac’s built-in audio converters/drivers.

Anyway, I’m sorted now (and loving my RME converters!)

Still weird that your output goes nuts though, regardless of the driver it shouldn’t happen.
It’s the reason I always put a limiter on my master bus, I’d rather not risk my speakers :wink:
Certain VSTi’s with feedback paths can also ‘swell’ infinitly, which you obviously don’t want. I’m glad NI Prism has a built in limiter, because I get it there all the time. Great synth though!

I KNOW! And after I just got done telling people that Cubase is now Mac friendly, not so Windows-centric.

You haved removed your files so i cannot check them out, but it looks like what i am experiencing.

First time, was a month ago and i was fumbling around with Omnisphere when suddenly hell broke loose!
The most nasty sound you can imagine went through my head…i was wearing headphones!!!..

The master out showed 100 dB clipping.

And now, today it did it again, several times. Now i was fumbling with a snare track in Groove Agent One. I was adjusting the velocity, and it went nuts again. Same 100 dB clipping, with the naaaaaasty noise again!
I could reproduce it again and again, just by changing the velocity on a single midinote!?

I dont know what it is, but it sure is nasty to get it directly in you ears! But it seems it not only with Prolouge, which i never use.

I’ve been getting this every once in a while too, scary when it happens. Glad I installed fuses on the tweeters.

At first I thought this had to do with sloppy coding since it happened with a lot of 3:rd party free plug-ins, but then I had an incident using Steinbergs Embracer and now I’m not really sure what’s the cause anymore.

Skimming through our specs gives nothing, we have Macs and PCs, different sound cards, and different Cubase versions. (It has happened to me since Cubase 4)


I get very similar problems so I never use Prologue. What a waste! :frowning: