Bug! Prologue partially locks up when aftertouch applied

I’m using Cubase 10.5.20 on Windows 10. I load an instrument channel with Prologue, select the sound “clean recorder” (under woodwinds) and play a note. Then apply pressure to the note, I hear the effects come in, when I press the note hard it just stops! After that the patch stops playing - some other patches do still play, some don’t. I haven’t found another patch that causes the problem. The keyboard I am using is an Ensoniq MR76.
I’ve done some tests where I recorded a short phrase with a sustained note, I looped it and drew in the aftertouch. If I draw “hills” with rounded tops it works OK, but if I flatten the peaks at maximum level then it stops - but not at the peak, it seems to be a cumulative effect. Of course if you are actually playing then you will often press down and hold the maximum level.


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Could you attach a demo project, please?

Hi Martin,
sorry for the late reply, I have only just checked my post.
I have attached a short demo. I find that this will lock up immediately sometimes and sometimes it will look around 5 times, then lock up. The aftertouch in the demo has been increased to cause the problem - I have have adjusted the “hills” to about 50% to make the part work. You may say that I should thin the data, but if you play the patch live and try to use aftertouch, it will lockup very quickly.
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Prologue demo.zip (36.5 KB)