Bug (propably): Bar disappearing (slash region/repeat count)

Just a heads-up to the team (although I apreciate you pointing me to what I am propably doing wrong, if you have an idea): Bar disappears in slash region when changing repeat count location. See attached GIF/Project (Guitar, BAR 41).
Taro.zip (1.91 MB)

I don’t know why this is happening, Jonas, but I find that if I grab the slash region and go Shift+Alt+Right arrow, bar 41 sorts itself out.

Yeah, that has worked for me too. So not a big problem, just something that maybe could get a STEAM-Number :slight_smile:

Would love to know what STEAM stands for:
STeinberg Error Action Memo ?
Something our users are STEAMed about ?
Solution-TEAM ?
(Something in a language other than English?)

Scoring Team, I believe.

Hmh, sounds logical. The Version History for Cubase and Nuendo have “CAN-” numbers (“Cubase and Nuendo”?) and Halion “Hally”. This leads to the conclusion, that all changes and bug fixes for the playback engine are not listed in the Dorico version history?!?