Bug: Properties of Text Frames In Master Page Editor Being Reset After Editing

Hi Dorico team.

After editing the text within a text frame, all the properties of the frame, like the margins, the borders and the vertical alignment of the text, are being reset to default. Strangely though, this only applies within the master pages editor; when doing it directly in engraving mode the issue is not present.

This happens in Engrave mode on individual pages in some circumstances, too. Either way, this one is a bug, it’s lnown about, it’s been reported many times before and it’s already definitely on the backlog of things to fix.

Aha! Sorry, forgot to make a search first this time! I assume this thread is going to have a funeral soon. :slight_smile:

I can’t answer that one - I’m merely an over-invested user :wink:

Edit: Big Sur, Dorico 3.5.10

Is there any news on this issue?
When making this (hideous, I know, but I kind of lost it a little bit after struggling a while… :woozy_face:) change

I still get this result

(The obvious workaround is of course simple enough, just wondering if I am missing something! :slight_smile: )

It looks like you’ve edited the left page variant of the master page, but page 1 uses the right page variant. Scroll over to the right in the Master Page Editor and edit the right variant (or use the L->R button at the top of the editor).


Did you copy your changes in the master page editor from the Left page to the Right? It looks like you only edited the left page of the pair, and a page 1 in a layout uses the Right page.

Edit: snap! Simultaneous typing, sorry Leo.

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Yes of course!!. You folks are simply the best! :heart_eyes: