BUG: Quick Controls assigments won't work after Track Import

Evening. Please confirm:

  • Create empty project
  • Add an empty audio track
  • Add standard effect “Modulation -> Phaser” into first insert on audio track
  • Go to “Quick Controls” inspector view
  • Add “Phaser” effect parameter “With” to “Quick Controls Slot 1”
  • Turn “Phaser” knob “With” and make sure that “Quick Controls Slot 1” assignment reflect to the changes
  • Export audio track archive: Select audio track and go to menu item “File->Export->Selected tracks”
  • Remove audio track (now your project is empty)
  • Import audio track archive: Go to menu item “File->Import->Track Archive” and import previously saved XML
  • Go to “Quick Controls” inspector view
    -> Now you can see “Quick Controls Slot 1” assignment present, but it doesn’t show numeric value and doesn’t reflect “Phaser” effect knob “With” changes (see attacment 1)
  • Optional step: Save project, close it and open again
  • Optional step: Go to “Quick Controls” inspector view
  • Optional step: Now you can see “Quick Controls Slot 1” assignment present and it show numeric value and reflect “Phaser” effect knob “With” changes as it should be (see attachment 2)

Cubase 6.0.1 (32-bit)
Mac OSX 10.6.7 (64-bit)

Please confirm.
Assignment not working after track import.jpg
Assignment working after reopening project.jpg

Confirmed here on Win7 x64, Cubase 6.0.1 64-bit.

Thanks for your time paaltio.
Hope this BUG will be addressed to Steinberg bug-tracking system. :wink:

Bug still present in Cubase 6.0.2 …

I just encountered this bug in Cubase 8.0.40, so I guess it isn’t fixed yet. Is it still present in Cubase 9?

Still present in Cubase 11

annoying after 4 years from its first detection

Also have the same problem in Cubase 11!!! The Quick Control assignments that was saved with the tracks archives show up but has no function, if I click on the name of the assigned QC it say “no parameter”. Really sad to see that this problem is existing for a long time. It makes the usefulness of track archives much less useful, beacuse I have to reassign all my QC after importing! Please Steinberg, say something if this issue will be adressed!! Than you!