[BUG] Quicktime Video and Audio Import truncates audio


We have six N8 Win7 PC’s here all doing the same thing. When we go to import video from a quicktime, (Pro Res, Dnx HD, mp4), and select that audio comes in as well, the audio import comes in with the end truncated by about a second. Has anybody seen this. N7 handles the audio from the quicktime just fine, and if I am to export the audio out of quicktime as a wav, and bring the wav in, it is all there, and the correct length compared to the video. It is acting like there is something wrong with N8’s video import functionality, and specifically how it pulls the audio off of the quicktimes.


Same here with systems running on 8.2/8.3 and win7-64Bit. The bug is there since the video-engine has changed. It was also present in the last version of N7 that had the new video engine. Not only the timing is different and moved by a second or so, but also sometimes there are cuts in the audio with small parts missing.

Same here, this is very annoying…I just switch for Nuendo from Cubase.
I exported my work with cycle markers on the video and my client get back to me saying that my audio was longer than the video. I was very surprised! Then I go back to my Nuendo project and everything was perfectly fine. My audio has the same length than the video. Investigated further I decided to import that same video in Cubase and then…Surprise! the video length was not the same than in my Nuendo project. This is absolutely incredible, paying that much money to get Nuendo and then it’s not working properly? Come on guy this sounds like a big joke. Maybe I’m missing something but I tried and check everything and always get the same result.
If someone can help with that matter I’ll be very very grateful.


Same here. Came with the new Video engine. Problem is already there in 7.1