BUG: Randomly jumping objects Dorico 4.0.20

I had this problem very often when creating Fermatas as a text font, that they start to jump around completely randomly…
even if I deactivate the tickbox “avoid collusions” as shown in the GIF Dorico still does these things in Version 4.0.20.
Furthermore often when I layouted everything and reopen Dorico the next day, it suddenly replaced these Textobjects (in my case manually created fermatas)…so thats unfortunatelly a nightmare for layouting, because one assumes, that now everything is correct and finalized… the next day you open the file again and its pure chaos (because sometimes these errors completely crash a fully layouted page).

anyone knows help? Can you find out what the problem in the background is and correct it for the next version, pleeeease!! Its making layouting with Dorico really uncomfortable.

Objects jumping randomly

Here’s the file:

Sorry to take a long time to come back to this thread.

My suggestion would be to activate the Avoid collisions property for both the “repeat ad libitum” text and the fake fermata, so that neither one of them is having an influence on collision avoidance. Then in Write mode, cut each of them to the clipboard and paste them back in so that each of them is attached to one of the sixteenth notes in the first quarter of bar 180, but ensure that each text item is attached to a different note. You can then freely position them in Engrave mode, and you should find that their position is stable and persists when you save, close and reopen the project.

The reason you’re getting some instability at present is that both items are attached at the same rhythmic position, which has no rhythmic space associated with it (due to the rests being hidden in order to accommodate the wiggly line), and one of the items is set to avoid collisions while the other is not.