Bug?: Recording MIDI Part Overlap

Now this is just weird.

MIDI track with some notes in a part on it.

I want to record more MIDI into this track, I’m playing back with the track selected, while the cursor is still moving over the previously recorded part, I manually hit record on the keypad and jump in. I record some notes, press space to stop, and all notes after where the part previously ended vanish, my newly recorded part vanishes, and the part returns to it’s normal length, but notes that I played while the play head was still over the part remain in the old part. (Yes I’ve tried stretching the part longer).

If I press record after the playhead has played past the existing part, it works as expected.

Um… what?

*Edit - if I ‘edit in place’ I can see the recorded notes, but they are as if they are off the end of the part (white, etc).

There was some change flagged to Retrospective Record.

Let us know how it turns out.

Fitz- Looks like these guys didn’t pick up on your post… [bug] midi recordings get cropped - Cubase - Steinberg Forums Nice avatar, btw