BUG: recording with the Score Editor

I bought Cubase 6 few days ago and after installed it I noticed that when I try to record something in the Score Editor all sounds are played stacatto. I checked this forum and it seems that more people have complained about this.
Is it planned a fix for this in a short period? As I record all the tracks with the Score Editor this is a major problem to me…


That’s already fixed in the downloadable 6.0.1 “hotfix” http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=5864

As I record all the tracks with the Score Editor this is a major problem to me

Excuse my ignorance but I’m very curious as to why you want to do things that way. In Cubase that really is the hard way.
We really need more detail as to what you’re doing. Orchestral, big band arrangement etc.

See the Score module is a graphical SCORE PRINTING facility and not strictly a tool that one would compose in although at certain times people have used it with varying degrees of success. ie: It’s definitely not like Sibelius.
The most common method is to record in the Project page or in the other editors (both different to Score in that they don’t have print facilities, should give you a clue) and then edit note positions in the Key editor and then check that it’s legible in the score editor. Then print it.

Good to see the first problem fixed.

Good to know! I will download the update and install it.

I only compose orchestral music and as I had a classical formation in music (before recording a work in Cubase I write it in a sheet music) it’s easier for me to record visualizing the notes.
I don’t use Cubase to prepare the score, I export it in XML format and import it into Sibelius where I prepare and print it.

Cheers for that bmiranda.
I must add that for the most part working your way would work but my view is that as Cubase is not exactly designed for working from that angle then you will have to expect some problems from time to time.