Bug? Reduce sometimes duplicates dynamics

Not sure if this is a bug, but I can’t find a pattern.

I’m using Reduce regularly for the first time. In the past, clients had always sent condensed scores that needed to be exploded to parts, but this project is the opposite.

Reduce works great… most of the time. Maybe one time out of ten, it duplicates the dynamics. I can’t seem to find a reason.

There will probably be some subtle difference between the dynamics so that it thinks it can’t leave one of them out.

I guess this is the same behavior as when exploding music containing dynamics. (Which have been discussed here before)

I doubt it. If you Explode you’re presumably only starting with one set of dynamics. If you get duplicated dynamics when you explode, it’s generally because you’re copying and then pasting (exploding) over existing music, rather than cutting then exploding.

Since it’s different kind of operations it’s of course not the same thing since it’s different kind of operations, but to me, similar in the way Dorico handles dynamics.
The problem with explode is that the instrument from which you explode the music will get a double set with dynamics.

This just gave me an idea of how to set up a new macro for exploding music in y MetaGrid… :nerd_face:

[EDIT] My idea failed since since you lose the selection when using cut/delete…

As I already said, if you’re exploding into selected staves that include the source stave, you should Cut, not Copy, before you explode.

Yes, I’m totally aware of that and have also discussed this here on the forum a long time ago. The problem is that when using cut you also lose the selection so you need to re-select the source part instead of just expanding the section down/up from the source.

But this has already been discussed so I don’t want to bump the OP.

Mats, the way around this is to go into Note Input mode before deleting. Hit delete, and the carat remains. This is how I set up my explode macro.

Sounds good Dan! But I don’t understand how you do or what I’m doing wrong.
When exploding I’d like to do it one go, i.e. copy the section → extend the selection → explode.
I know I can delete with the caret active but then I can’t extend the selection without first clicking the bar. Would you mind describing the steps you’ve done in your macro?


  1. Select a range of stuff
  2. Copy
  3. Enter note input mode, which places the cursor at the beginning of the selection.
  4. Down one staff, still in note input
  5. Explode

Aahh, THANKS Dan, that works great!! :smiley:

Now my macro works and I’m happy! No duplicate dynamics when exploding! :slight_smile: