Bug Regarding the New Audio Mixer plugin in batch processor on wavelab 9.5.10

When I try to use the Audio mixer plugin in a batch processor chain, although the selected sample is less than 30 seconds that is required (it’s 29 seconds) I’m getting on my output files a huge audible click at the 29th second (my output files are 30 seconds) I though this was because my first sample didn’t have a fade out . I did , I re process the files but I’m still getting this audio click and makes my files unusable .
Is this a bug or am I missing a setting ?

Do you mean you mix a file of 29 seconds to a file of 30 seconds? This from the beginning?

yes, why not…? As long as it is shorter it shouldn’t be a problem. After that, it adds silence but with a loud audible click at the end of the 29th second .

also, in the same batch processor chain, some times the audio mixer plugin fails to add the sample to some of my output files which is annoying.
so far, on a batch of 500 samples…I found 3 that it didn’t mix the file.
The plug-in chain is as follows:

Fade In
Fade Out
Loudness Normalizer
Audio Mixer
Loudness Normalizer

do you recommend maybe to add a delay plugin somewhere between the processes and if yes, where exactly and how long ?
Although I hope you can just fix it and it wouldn’t be necessary.
Please have a look at it since it’s really a problem and I can’t hear every time 500 or a 1000 samples and search for the files that they haven’t been mixed.And I can’t deliver the products to my client like this.

I could reproduce the problem. It will be fixed in next update.

Thank you for looking at it and for your quick response !

since you just released 9.5.15 and I’ve seen that the problem with the Audio Mixer Plugin that it skips some files it is still there, any estimation when the next update will be (that will fix this issue) ?
I really need the batch processor and the audio Mixer for my projects and clients …
thank you in advance.

For the skip problem, are you sure the files to process were not shorter than the file to mix?

Next update is 9.5.20 during 1st trimester 2018

maybe some of them by a few milliseconds …
does it really matter …? :confused:

maybe some of them by a few milliseconds …
does it really matter …? :confused:

I think this could be a problem in 9.5.15.
It won’t be in 9.5.20

hi again. Thanks for letting me know. I just checked all samples are exactly 30 sec long.
as you can see above in the plugin chain, I’m adding a second of silence in the beginning and then with the resizer I’m trimming the sample to 30sec exact.I did that because I thought the same thing…that maybe size has to do something with it but as it turns out, it doesn’t .