[Bug] Region names do not appear on small track heights

I found this to be an unfortunate feature regression.

In Cubase 6, region names and the Group Track symbol do not appear at all over top of regions on tracks that are the smallest height possible. In Cubase 5.5, it appeared fine.

This is even despite “Show Event Data on Small Track Heights” enabled in Preferences.

This is a major setback for me, because my projects are 600+ tracks and I have regularly had my template using the minimal track height for all tracks.

Is this a result of the new GUI overhaul? I don’t think it’s too much to ask to have the region names returned.

(Cubase 6 32-bit mode on OSX 10.6.6 - Mac Pro 8-core)

The biggest problem I have is that even when there is only single notes on a MIDI part, making the parts smaller (in particular when using lanes) means that the part info is no longer displayed.