BUG? Relocating content

Nuendo 10.2

Mac 10.14.6 / iMac 27" late 2013

I have all my Steinberg and 3rd party content on a attached external drive. I moved the built in Nuendo data there with the Steinberg Library Manager app.

On occasion the external drive fails to mount ( I know I… will address this!! ) however when it happened Nuendo informs me thus

Thats great. But when I get the drive mounted, and try to use the Locate button it is a strictly a one-file-at-a-time process ! It should be that as soon as Nuendo is directed to one content package it sees them all?

Worse “Ignoring” the missing content is also one-at-a-time …

And even worse there’s no way to Quit Nuendo once this pane is open to ensure the external drive is mounted then start over…