[bug] Rename fields

I’m on version 3.0.2 and found the following.

When renaming multiple track names and/or part names, the fields are empty after the first rename action.
Often one would just want to change the name, but with an empty field this is annoying.

Also I can’t use characters like % + = / ; : , . ? & * in the name field.

Saw this one is still not fixed in 3.3.1

Start Cubasis > start New Project > name it test 7/8 > the name is listed as 8 > rename test 78 (/ slash is not registered)

Many of the characters in the first post can be entered as name. Though on a rename or 2nd project, some of the characters can’t be used anymore.

I don’t mind if there is some character limitation because it is used for some system function like folder hierarchy. (I grew up with MsDOS limitations)
But please make it consequent and let the users know what can or can’t be used.