[Bug] Render Audio clic Between Locators -> 16Bit Wav

Hi there, here’s a repro :

  • Set your project setup to Broadcast Wave, 48KHz, 24Bit (or anything that isn’t Wav, 16Bit)
  • Set your LR locators apart
  • Hit “Render Audio Clic Between Locators”
  • Look in the audio pool, the resulting file is Wav, 16Bit

Can anyone confirm i’m not doing something wrong here ?

Best regards


I do use that feature a lot but only in 16 bit sessions. Does it matter that its only 16 bit?

I personnaly don’t care if an audio clic is rendered in a 16bit file only but loosing the metadata of the BWF file(s) can more of a problem if I need to send the project to another studio/daw…

It just seems like a bug, the function should just render the file to the project properties no ?