[BUG] Render In Place

I’m using Melodyne the old-fashioned way (not ARA) to correct the pitch on some bass notes. Examining the notes in Melodyne before making changes I can see that their pitches vary from slightly sharp to slightly flat by about -1 to + 14 cents so I set them all to 0, so completely in tune.

I then use Render In Place using the ‘Channel Settings’ option which, as I understand it, should include any active inserts into the rendered file (Melodyne is an active insert but all other inserts on the track are disabled for this process).

If I then load an instance of Melodyne on to the newly rendered track and transfer the same notes to it I would expect the pitches of the bass notes to still be at 0 cents (perfectly in tune), but they now show with completely random pitch differences.

This seems like a bug to me.


Just for testing purposes: Does this happen in Melodyne stand-alone, too?

I don’t seem to have Melodyne Standalone, but in any event it seems that passing the file through Nuendo’s render-in-place causes the problem.

To exaggerate the problem I have changed one of the notes in the first (corrected) Melodyne instance by +50 cents so it is a quarter tone sharp, leaving all other corrected notes at 0 cents (exactly in tune). After using Render-In-Place on the track, Melodyne was added as an Insert to the newly created/rendered track and the audio was transferred to it. The note that was set to +50 cents sharp in the original track is now showing as +40 cents sharp when I would expect it to still be +50 cents sharp, and the notes that were set to 0 cents are now randomly set to between -3 and -6 cents flat!

It is as if Render-In-Place is not interpreting the Melodyne data correctly. This makes it impossible to RIP and then remove the Melodyne plugin to optimise resources as the resulting rendered track is again out of tune and requiring Melodyne pitch correction.

This has been tested in N8.1.10 and N10.3