Bug Report: .AIF Files missing


I copied a session from another mac to my mac, both running the same OS 10.9.5 and the latest Nuendo version.
When I open the session from the external drive (HFS+ journaled) all the AIF files are missing although they are physically on the drive.
.WAV are all found without a problem.


And what if you point the application to the folder and/or files?
(Find missing files in pool)


No avail, still doss not find the files.
If I try to drop the files into the project manually, Nuendo will say unsupported file.
But all other audio apps on my sytem open the files just fine.

Are you sure that they really have the .aif extention?
What if you simply try to import one of these files, are they recognized by the application?
If not, then they do not have the .aif extention.


Every other audio app opens the files just fine.
I have just synced the Nuendo session folders to an external HD and taken that HD to a different computer.
Ever other audio application accepts the files just fine. Nuendo says unsupported files.
They do have a file extension, otherwise Nuendo would not have accepted them on the other computer in the first place.

Very strange. I’ll try opening and saving in Wavelab and reimporting into Nuendo.

When I open and save the files in another app and try to load the session everything works as expected.

This is what I found out:

The files are called (and referenced as AIF) in the Nuendo pool, but they actually have a bwav header (or such a header is recognized by some apps on the system)
I am 100% sure that I dragged them across from Media Bay.