Bug Report and Feature request - Multi voice rest collisions

Here is a graphic of a recent “bug” I might have stumbled upon.

Voice 2 beams at an angle colliding with the eighth rest (quaver rest). I thought perhaps the rest should dodge up a bit to avoid the beam.

For the suggestion, the last note on the ledger line is shared by both voices. Selecting on the note to make an edit (say to move the note down) selects both notes, and moves both. If I only want to move voice 2 it is quite a bit tricky. Maybe when a voice like this is shared, you have a blue half and a red half, and depending on which color you select is depending on which note you can edit. A few times making mistakes I was reading the clef wrong and typed the wrong note, fat-fingered a note name (meaning to type F, but hit C), etc. To go back and edit was a tricky and a little time consuming.

Just a thought…

Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 10.14.21 PM.png