Bug(?) Report: Arranger track doesn't "end" correctly

OK, I’ll try this one also via the Forum. Read below the text that I sent as a Support Request-form earlier. Maybe the solution is easy. Hope you can help!

Below is the picture mentioned in the report:

I’m having a “major” problem with the Arrangement Track - as I think it has to be because of AT, I mean;

I have this demo-project which includes currently only MIDI and have it devided into 3 sections (A, B and C) with an Arrangment Track (AT). So the project plays from start to finish linearly but it “jumps” over the certain parts (between A and B, and B and C) just as I like it to. That’s no problem.

But as you can see from the picture that is attached, the total length of the project is about 5 mins 55 seconds. I mean that would be the length of the audio file if exported WITHOUT the arranger track active, right? But the problem is that when the AT is active it seems to however make a 5:55 length audio file, but because it jumps over the 2 regions (because of the AT, just as intended) Cubase 5 seems to lengthen the file so that it starts from the beginning again! So that the length of the exported audio file is bound to be the amount of the time between the left and right locators, which is 5:55min.

Without the AT track active, the length of the exported audio file actually really is the same as when the AT is ACTIVE, and it really shouldn’t be!! Of course not, since there are those sections which shouldn’t add up as 5:55mins. You can see it in the picture.

Also the mp3-file is attached, please jump to the end and you’ll hear the song starting from the beginning about 10 or more seconds before the end, and then stopping at 5:55 as the file ends.

So it seems like Cubase is ‘forcing’ the exported audio being the time between the locators for some reason. At least for this project. Never experiensed this again, namely.

The weird this is thou, that when you add those sections’ (A, B and C) lengths together (seen in the picture in the AT edit window) it actually IS 5:55 minute long, but how the heck can it be??? Since you can see from the multitrack view and the transport window that the project ends at 5:55 and since there are “empty areas” (jumped over) in the AT then it’s not logically possible for the sections A, B and C to add up as 5:55.

What it seems like to me, is that Cubase lengthens the exported audio file’s length by the sum of the lengths of the gaps (between sections A-B and B-C) so that the exporting starts from the beginning and is “played” until the total length is 5:55mins.

Hope you understood what I’m saying here. I tried deleting the whole arrangment track, rebooting the PC and then editing the new AT again from the scratch (since first time it skipped the section changes altogether!! Also first time it didn’t start the export from the beginning so the audio file ended correctly) but it didn’t work.