Bug report articulation changed when moving passage to different staff

A minor bug.
To reproduce the problem.
Staffs 1-2 have notes, staff 3 is empty.
Mark staff 2 notes staccato ]
Select legato passage on staff 1.
Press Option M repeatedly to move the selected passage THROUGH the staccato passage to get to the empty staff.
The moved legato passage picks up the staccato articulation.
Expected behavior: The passage being moved should retain its original articulation.

That’s what copy/paste or Select ALT/OPT + Mouse-click are for.

I disagree. You first move has merged the notes with the existing notes on staff 2, and retained the selection. (Also NB that if your staff 1 notes were tenuto, then the when merged on staff 2 their staccato would be replaced by tenuto).

If you want to move material like this, ensure they are in a different voice, else simply use cut/paste.