Bug report: Audio never renders- endless spinning

Recording an audio file from any inter app audio source results in endless spinning rendering, does not create an audio file.

  1. Description
    When recording a new audio file within any project, the placeholder box is created, but the spinning wheel never stops, no content is captured.

  2. Expected Results
    When the track is recording enabled, and audio information is recorded into the track, it should show a recording, and be playable.

  3. Actual Results
    Recording an audio track results in an endless spinning rendering, no audio created.

  4. Environment
    Cubasis 3.2.1
    Version 14.4
    5GB free space
    Cubasis has worked before correctly on this iPad


Issue does not repro on:
iPad Version 14.0.3
Cubasis 3.1.3

Further troubleshooting:
Deleted and reinstalled Cubasis
Power cycled the iPad
Removed several other apps to create 10GB free memory
Created a new blank project
Checked other forums like Reddit
No other issues with ant other software.

Still works on my other iPad.
Cubasis on my production iPad with updated software is unusable- this is a high sev work stopping issue.

Repro test:

Confirmed that using my synth as IAA creates this bug
Using the same synth as AU works fine