Bug Report: Automation data disappears

I have found that if I automate the filters xy pad it successfully saves the data for cut off and resonance when I exit write mode. However, from the automation window, when I press the little button that takes you back to the effect the automation slot for either cut off or resonance (only one of them) gets removed. Not just turned off, the automation is removed from the available slots. It’s gone.

While I’m here can I make some requests…

Two fingers on screen will draw a straight automation line between your two fingers
Can we also have the automation slider (far right of automation edit window) available when editing MIDI CC’s. It’s really useful!


Hello Alex,

thanks for your report. I tried to reproduce this behavior but I was unable to do so. Could you give me more details?

I tried this:

  • Create new project at a MIDI track and the filter as an insert effect.
  • Record automation for cutoff and resonance from the effect window.
  • Go to automation editor (everything is present as you have described)
  • Go back to the effect (everything is still there)

Can you give me a step-by-step description that allows me to reproduce the issue?

Thanks for your help and kind regards,

Did you turn write mode off before going back to the effect?

Okay, just did some testing. It seems to happen on IAA tracks (any app). Couldn’t get it to happen on regular audio or MIDI tracks.

You need to record some filter automation data, then go in to editor and manually draw over the data for cutoff and then res, then cutoff then res again (back and forth a few times). Then return to the effect using the little button next to the Write button and Res data disappears.

I can make this happen consistently. Could make a video if you need me to?

Hello Alex,

sorry, I still could not reproduce your issue. A video would certainly help.

Thanks a lot for your help and kind regards,

Here you go, this should show it…

Did you see the video? Please let me know so I can remove it from YouTube :slight_smile:


yes, I have seen it. However, I was not able to reproduce the behavior yet. If you want you can send me the video so that you can remove it from YouTube.

Kind regards,