Bug Report: Auxiliary notes not displaying (only parentheses)

As title suggests, trill auxiliary notes do not display, but the parentheses do, creating what I initially thought was an odd notational choice on the part of Dorico. I’ve figure out that this is actually the auxiliary note not displaying because when I set a trill to display an auxiliary note and then set auxiliary notes to appear without parentheses in engraving options, the weird little parentheses shape disappears. I’ve attached a screenshot below.

(I am using dorico 4 on Windows 10 version 21H1, my laptop is an HP Omen)

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Hi @Stillwaiting - can you share a bit more about the context you’re seeing this in. What’s the tonality system active where this trill is occurring?

It could simply be a font cache issue, if you’ve only just updated to Dorico 4, and a reboot of your computer will fix it.

Otherwise, it could be that you’ve (perhaps unwittingly) modified the default notehead sets in such a way that the parenthesised noteheads don’t appear. Go to Library > Notehead Sets and look for any tell-tale red triangles in the corners of any noteheads, in which case you should revert them back to their defaults.

Thanks, the notehead sets fix worked. I’m not sure exactly what happened, as the modified notehead was a longa, but I do recall messing with that dialogue a while ago in an attempt to create mensural notation, so I probably did something odd at the time to make it work. Thanks for your help!

Tonality is atonal, but the issue persisted in tonal keys as well. The issue appears to have been with the notehead sets, which Daniel kindly helped me fix.