Bug Report: Can you play this file?

this is a test 1-sec audio file with a single click 1000 samples long.

Create an empty project (48kHz/24bit 23.97fps)
import this test file to an audio track at the very beginning of the project

Can you play it back every time?

(I’m on Mac)
Sync Check - 1sec.wav.zip (1.05 KB)

Moderators, can you please confirm if this is a bug?

I’m not at the studio just now so I can’t test your file however my guess is that this is exactly what I brought up at the release of n5: it does not play short regions (or indeed the very start of long regions) reliably.

you can test this by creating a 5 second 1k tone file. add a short fade to the start (a frame or two). now use the play selection function. you’ll hear that most of the time you will get a click on playback because the fade isn’t played.

there’s a thread about this in the old forum.

If you ‘butt’ is up against ‘zero’ at the beginning of the project, you are correct.

If you apply “025” as the preroll, you can have it play 99% of the time.

For what it’s worth…I’m on PC/Win7.


thanks rick. I understand that but the issue for me is that if there is some other audio in that pre roll you hear that too. it’s not a proper workaround.

I never meant it to be a workaround…

I was just reporting what I attempted to get it to play.

I was also biting my tongue…because I am so very dissapointed in spending so much money on this product, that you cannot get a file to play from the start…that’s really not too much to ask…