Bug report: can't rename layout when card is expanded

FYI, I was frustrated that I couldn’t rename a layout in the Setup view until I discovered it was only happening when the layout card was expanded. I’d select rename and wouldn’t see an edit field+ caret appear. Collapse the card (click the chevron at the left until it points right) and then selecting rename does what you expect.

Here’s a brief video demonstrating:

Windows 10
Doricon 2.2.1108

Well, I’ll be… you’re right. Never noticed that!

I’ve had the same experience.


This probably has to do with the focus being on the spinbox to set number of copies, which makes the expanded mode “modal” to that function. (Just a guess). I also noticed that with the card expanded, items using the hierarchial menus (Flows and Players) also don’t function in the usual manner. They require a click (instead of a hover) to enable.

EDIT - Interestingly, if you click on Rename while the card is expanded, then click away from the drop-down menu (to dismiss it) you will find that the edit Name window is enabled, waiting for you.

Yes, this is related to the new spin control for the layout number. This is something that will be fixed up in the forthcoming minor update.