Bug report & changement in WL9 Mastermeter

Hello, the master meter as changed in WL9, and now i cannot integrate it in my workflow anymore !

I mean the monitoring point we can check in every plugin bar, in the master, was changing where was the meter witch is under the plugins, and that was great !

Now its changing all the output meters including the the LU meter,
before i can play a montage and check all the master plugins output levels during the play, in the meters under the plugins, and check the LU and rms output at the same time. Now i need 2 pass to do it …?
Is there a way to get it back in preferences ? can’t find that.

The metadata like “source file” is not working for audio-montage.

Thank you for taking time to reply.

Not sure what you mean. In WaveLab 9.5, you can have all meters monitor any plugin in the Master Section, or the whole plugin chain until the playback section (and no further). Why is it a problem?

Thank you, i admit that what i wrote is not clear !
When i monitor a plugin, all the meters monitor it now, before it was jut the meters under the master plugins.
The LU level need to be check on all the montage length to be reliable, so when i do that i can’t check any more that a plugin is not clipping in the master section, if i change the source, the LU meter change too, so it is reset …!
I hope this is a more clear explanation.

I understand what you mean, but why do you need to check if a plugin is clipping inside the master section?
The audio stream is in float format, which means it never clips until the very end of the Master Section, actually when the audio hardware is reached, or when a file is written.

Yes you are right, but i think the hardware emulations (if the modelization is well done) needs to be use at a sort of “analog level”, again,it was very quick to check level anywhere in the master chain while checking the output LU, bit depth, etc…
It’s great to be able to check the BIT DEPTH in the middle of the master plugin chain, but it’s not usual, no ?

It’s great to be able to check the BIT DEPTH in the middle of the master plugin chain, but it’s not usual, no

Indeed, though it can be used to know if any processing really takes place at a given point.

To answer your original question: sorry, there is no option to separate the Master Section meter and the others.
I understand your POV, but know that there were requests to change it as it is now, too.

Ok, i will do the job anyway with it. (Or without it :slight_smile:) I can save so mutch time using WL anyway…
“Render the selected CD tracks” would be great in audio montage, and do it in multicore would be a game changer !
Thank you

“Render the selected CD tracks” would be great in audio montage

Use this:

I think he means to be able to select CD tracks 2, 4, 5, 8, and 10 for example. Last I remember this option doesn’t quite exist. We can render all CD Tracks which is what I do 99% of the time, we can render one region defined as a CD Track at a time which can be tedious, or we can render selected clips which is not the same as CD tracks.

Unless I’m missing something, I think WaveLab could use an option render some but not all CD Tracks in one command.

You are perfectly right, whe can use group of cd track to separate some, but never render 1 and 3 whithout render the 2.