Bug report - corrupted loops

When there is more than one loop in a wave file, the loops are corrupted when the file is edited with Wavelab (also in the batch processor). If the loops are intersecting, Wavelab freely mix the end loop points, coupling wrong end loop point with (originally) not corresponding loop start point. (As the result, the loops do not intersect any longer, but they are nested instead.) This bug exists in all the past version of WaveLab as far as I remember and it was never corrected.

An example:

loops befor Wavelab editing: loop1start ---- loop2start ---- loop1end ---- loop2end
loops after Wavelab editing : loop1start ---- loop2start ---- loop2end ---- loop1end

Overlapping loops are not supported, indeed.

It is nice that Steinberg is aware of the problem. I hope it will be corrected in the next version. There are audio editors which supported this feature from the version 1.5 many years ago.