Bug Report - Crash on Logical filter "matches" "is empty"

Repeatable crash - screen shot attached.

Cubase pro 9.0.30 Build 266 (64bit)
Windows 10
UAD, NI and misc plugins.
ASIO over USB to RME


  1. Open a project, select mixer, insert plugin to an audio track (in my case I’m selecting StudioEQ)
  2. From the plugin window, select preset - window opens without attribute filter.
  3. Select Window Layout Button (bottom left). Add in “filters” check box. (filter window opens on “attribute”, empty list)
  4. Select “Logical” filter, it opens with a template rule “Any attribute”, “matches”
  5. Change “matches” to “is empty”. Crash.



Could you please share the crash dump file? You can find it in the Documents/Steinberg/crashdumps folder.

You cannot attach it here. Place it to your Dropbox and share the link, please.

Reproduced on Win 10. I’ll add this, Martin.

It does not produce a crash dump on my system. Brendan, if it does on yours (unlikely) then please share it.

Sorry, my notifications were not set properly - only just found your response.

  1. No crash dump is produced.
  2. I just tested it in 9.5 / Win 10 with the same result.

Obviously a very minor edge case but thought I’d let you know anyway. Feels like an uninitialised pointer ref.