Bug report: Cubase 10 / Grooveagent 5 & SE5 midi data changes


Noticed a bug when preparing to do a video on using Grooveagent 5 to manipulate & edit break loops.

It appears when slicing to midi and moving the slices audio to grooveagent is fine, but if you drag the midi data from the pattern pad to cubase, edit it & drag back to grooveagent, the last slice will appear to be inaudible. Within Grooveagent 5 you can change the pattern editor to show note lengths & it shows the last slice as a blip of a midi note. It can be dragged out & fixed in the full version but users of SE5 may be a bit upset about this one as you cannot edit patterns within grooveagent SE to correct it.

Unsure if this has been reported. I have video of it happening & how to correct it in the full version if you like.

Just want to add, this happens 100% of the time. In both versions of Groove Agent. I’ve tried it with multiple beat loops of varying lengths & complexity & achieve the same result every time of the final slice being inaudibe. GA SE5 is literally unusable for working with break loops until this gets sorted. For now, at least there is a way to fix it in my full version, but its going to be a pain for my break editing workflow to fix every edit after dragging it to a pattern pad for easy retrieval later.