Bug report - Cubase doesn't receive shortcuts from VEP7

Dear forumers, :smiley:

Can anyone test this bug and eventually report it to Steinberg please?

When you have the focus on the GUI of any instrument within VEP7, you can generally use any of Cubase short, and Cubase responds accordingly.
On the same exact system I tested Cubase 11.0.41 with the very last iLok version of VEP7 and everything works as expected, but with Cubase 12.0.30 only the spacebar shortcut (start/stop) works.

Here the steps to recreate it:

  1. Open VEP7 Server, (I’ve got 7.1.1329).

  2. Create an instance, call it “Test” and add a random instrument, but let’s use Kontakt (last available version of the full player) in this example. MAKE SURE the “Keyboard shortcut” icon is enabled.

  3. Create a new Cubase 12 project (Cubase 12.0.30), add a Vienna Ensemble Pro instrument track.

  4. Click “Connect” on the VEP7 plugin GUI in Cubase and connect the instance “Test” on VEP.

  5. Now go on VEP, open the kontakt GUI and load any library.

  6. Now that you have the focus on the instrument (kontakt) within VEP, press “NUM *” (default Cubase for record).

RESULT: nothing happens. EXPECTED: Cubase should start record. Instead of this Shortcut (NUM *) you can use any of Cubase shortcuts, but no one works. The only function that works at the moment is “Space Bar” (play/stop).

As mentioned, everything works as expected on Cubase 11 on the same exact system.