Bug Report Cubase pro 9.0.10

midi instruments go out of tune…thats with 3rd party and steinberg included

  1. Create empty project
  2. Add an instrument track
  3. choose a vst instrument…LP4 by musiclab…or Halion SE instrument
  4. Arm “record-enable” on track
  5. Hit record button
    -> Result = random going out of tune
    –sort of like using pitchbend but not going back to zero reference point…goes flat…not all the time
    –controller not the problem…do same example in cubase 7…no problem
    –manufacturer Musiclab…their plugin is working fine…its in the program cubase

when is the next update?

cubase pro 9.0.10 osx el capain 10.11 8 meg ram Imac

I do this repro many times per session, as do the majority of users, without this issue appearing, and, you’re the only one reporting the problem. This points to it being somewhere/something else.

If you zip and upload the .cpr file you used to test, with a Halion Sonic SE instrument loaded, maybe we can get to the bottom of this.

Not the only one read the post in…Midi instruments go out of tune?..there is another…and no telling how many more whom are silent or dont do that much midi work and use only the audio features. And are not aware of this bug. The bug is intermitten…sometimes it will do it…sometimes it wont…it does not do it in cubase 7 nor cubase 8.5…nor in pro tools 10, 11, 12 or logic pro 9 or 10…its not my controller…I will try to send u the cpr file…

Also after looking thru the forum…I c that you were helping some with a audio out of tune problem…again on a window system…but if Im getting midi audio out of tune doesnt that also mean more people r havin this problem?..Sample rate differences…Im not sure if that would be my case either since it works well in cubase 7.

The problem I had was that any 3rd party or steinberg vst instrument would go out of tune if I used the pitchbend…the pitchbend graph would show it to under the zero mark if I used the pitchbend to go up or down…Also it would randomly move it down without even touchin it.

To solve this problem go under note expression for said instrument… Select pitchbend…make sure that Midi as NoteExp is checked.

Now when you use the pitchbend it will become part of the note and no graph can be seen like if you wanted to see velocity in editor. To see the pitchbend graph in editor double click selected desired note in editor. Pitch bend goes at start and ending correctly now…Also I mite add is that the pitchbended notes are now colored so you know which ones are and arent.

If you dont check Midi as NoteExp you get the pitchbend extra data and your sound will go in and out of tune. Wished Steinberg could inform about this.

Thank you to Martin.Jirsak for trying to help in the beginning.

Please consider reading the manual, and asking for advice from the enormous number of experienced users here before creating multiple threads on a topic which turns out to be problems of a tutorial nature.