bug report: Cubase Pro Steinberg FREQUENCY VST plugin

Cubase pro 9.0.10 is the last version where RESET function in Frequency plugin works.
It doesn’t work in new 9.5 as well nor 9.5.10 update.

Same here.


I cannot reproduce it here. Did you hold down any modifier? Alt+Click is suggested in the tooltip, but you can use actually any modifier.

windows 10. last update. 64bit

cubase pro 9.0.10 64 bit. I just click on reset without modifiers and everything works.

in further versions (9.5 9.0 updates included) reset works only if using modifier like alt or ctrl with mouseclick.

somewhat this change has been made in GUI usage. no idea why, but it works tho.



This is for the safety reason. To don’t reset your settings by accident.