Bug report, Dorico crash upon creating timp tremolo and does not recover correctly

This has happened 3 times. I create a timp note by double clicking on the timp staff at the time I want it, playing the note on MIDI keyboard, and possibly adjusting the timing by typing 8 for a whole note. So far, normal. I want it to be a timp roll. With the timp note selected I select the Repeats tool and click the /// icon. Dorico crashes. Upon recovery, Dorico’s MacOS menu bar at the top of the screen (File, Edit, and so forth) is missing. When I hover over the top line of the screen the menu bar does not appear. (Thus, there is no easy way to save the file or continue working.) When I terminate Dorico and restart it, then all is OK again.
This does not happen with every timp tremolo, but I have seen it happen 3 times.
Macbook Pro, 2.6 GHz 6 core Intel i7 CPU, 32 GB memory, OS Sonoma 14.1
Dorico with Noteperformer 4.2.1 using exclusively Noteperformer instruments

I can’t reproduce this.

Can you please attach a short project that you can reproduce this on, as well as a Diagnostics Report for the team?

Gosh. I don’t know that I can reproduce it at will. It seems to happen at random and not repeatable. I did send in my diagnostics report when prompted a little while ago, does that appear in your queue? I’m sorry, I understand bugs that are difficult to reproduce are difficult to fix. When I reopened the score after restarting Dorico I was able to create the timp tremolo the same way and did not experience the crash.

One needs to send a Diagnostic Report for each problem one finds since the report is not a report about the computer configuration but about the recent behavior of the Dorico software.

You can tell who is a Steinberg employee and who isn’t on the forum by looking for the little Steinberg logo badge on the bottom right-hand corner of their forum avatar (the circular picture that appears at the top of every post next to poster’s screen name). Neither @DanielMuzMurray nor @Derrek are Steinbergers, so they wouldn’t be able to see any of your crash reports.

And in fact even I can’t find your exact crash reports in our system, because they are anonymised when they are submitted, so without knowing what I’m looking for, I can’t find them. Please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here, and I’ll then be able to investigate.

Thanks, I will. I did a bunch of composing after recovering from the bug, so I better wait until the next time it happens then make a crash report right then. ?

No, the crash reports should still be on your system and should be picked up when you create the diagnostic report.

Dorico Diagnostics.zip (749.5 KB)
ok, here you go :blush:

Dang and blast, unfortunately there are indeed no crash logs in there. Please send a new set of diagnostics immediately after you next encounter the crash.

To be completely clear: when you say Dorico crashes, do you mean that the application unexpectedly quits, and you see the prompt from the operating system telling you so? Or do you mean that the application freezes, showing the spinning pinwheel of death, and you have to force quit the application yourself?

If it’s the latter, then there won’t be a crash dump in any case: we would need a spindump created from Activity Monitor to get a look at what Dorico is doing when it’s frozen.

The crash was the former kind: the application just suddenly quits. I guess the next thing that appeared was OS-generated, a dump with registers and processes and so forth, and do you want to send this to Steinberg? and do you want to restart the app that crashed? At the time I did not make really careful observations of the sequence of events. Next time, this retired software engineer will pay close attention and try get you the info needed for debugging!

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This happened again. Had a violin passage selected 3-4 bars of half and quarter notes. Selected Repeats dialog, clicked the /// icon intending to notate tremolo, and Dorico suddenly terminated. After the crash, OS diagnostics appear. Did not select Recover. Restarted Dorico myself. Dorico detected there had been an abnormal termination and opened my score as well as a backup copy. Again as reported before, when the restarted Dorico window has focus, the Mac (automatically hidden) menu bar across the top of the screen does not appear when hovering over the top line of the display. So there was no normal way to select either version of the score to File / Save As. The score appears to be intact. I closed Dorico and then the prompt do you want to save the file? appeared for ONE of the two score versions Dorico had recovered, just the one I was editing, not the automatic backup one that had some edits I would have liked to keep.
After restarting the Mac I made the same score edit that preceded the crash (with a screen recording) and this time it worked as expected and did not crash.

Please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here. Hopefully the crash logs will be included, and will allow me to see what happened.