[Bug report] Dorico crashes if backspace is pressed on a new tab

Dorico crasches if backspace is pressed on the New Page tab when there are unsaved changes to the project. If there are no unsaved changes nothing happens when backspace is pressed.


  1. Make some change to the current file and do not save it.
  2. Open a new tab (both CTRL+T or the new tab button in the upper right corner works).
  3. Press backspace to make Dorico crash.

System specs:
Windows 10, 64 bit

Unfortunately happened to me when I thought I had my browser in focus, causing my to lose several bars of work.

Edit: Corrected system specs.

I’m very sorry Dorico crashed when you did this, but thank you very much for the very clear bug report. I can reproduce the problem and we will take steps to fix this before the next update.

Yes, this crash works for me as well :slight_smile:

@Daniel: Is the user forum the best way to report bugs/issues or do you have any other place dedicated to that?

Yes, this is the best place to report bugs. We read everything posted here, and respond to most things!