Bug Report: Drag and drop from Media Bay


here is a bug that has been driving me nuts for a couple of years, so I might just as well report it and keep my fingers crossed:

  1. Create two mono tracks
  2. Open media bay
  3. Drag and drop a stereo file to the project window onto the tracks. Nuendo will ask you what to do (if selected in the prefs I believe)
  4. Ask Nuendo to split the channels. Nuendo will import 2 mono files (left and right)
  5. Drag the same file again
  6. Nuendo will not ask and only import the left side!

I have tested this on various systems. It always reproduces. It also applies to other multichannel interleaved formats.


Hi Ollie

Same here. I do not like that behavior too. i would not call it a bug though. There are cases when I would want it to be like that. But there are others. Like bringing in a file as Interleaved that has been imported as Split bevor.
Now, when importing into Pool we do get the option: Import “existing” or" new". Thats what we should have in Mediabay. Isn’t it?