BUG REPORT - Drum Editor Crosshair Cursor - 6.03, 6.04, 6.05

Cubase 6.03, 6.04, and 6.05, 32-bit Windows 7 (broken in ALL THREE iterations, and possibly before)

  1. Open a project.
  2. Create a MIDI track.
  3. Select a drum map for the track. (any)
  4. Use the pencil to draw a midi track
  5. double click the track to open it in the drum editor
  6. -TOGGLE SNAP OFF- (forgot this important step)
  7. Add a drum event with the crosshair cursor, then drag it about

The center of the crosshairs is NOT centered on the drum diamond; it is to the right and below it. You may need to zoom in.

This is CRITICAL for me to align drum hits to pre-recorded audio. I really need this to work.

Did you look in the Bug Base before posting this?

Better question is why didn’t you edit your initial thread instead of re-posting?

Can’t win. Repost with a more polite attitude and I still get grief.

Searched the forum for ‘crosshair’, for ‘cursor’ … Nothing but my posts and some other ignored posts that weren’t related to this.


cannot reproduce here. All is working fine. Cubase 6.0.5 Win 7 64-bit.

(perhaps you could make a screenshot and attach it in your first post)



The center of the crosshairs is NOT centered on the drum diamond; it is to the right and below it. You may need to zoom in.

I use 64bit. My crosshairs line up with the instrument line bottom (snapped-to) and to the right corner of the diamond. I found my crosshair defaulted to “on” anyway so I was lying, I have been using it but with no ill effects that would raise this kerfuffle here so far. I do match midi drums to live material and I am a drummer.
Make of that what you will. I have never needed the crosshair or noticed it as I use the notes themselves to line up the odd note after first using mainly “Merge tempo from tapping” to reduce any “freehand” moves to the beats to the minimum.
I also use Q free freehand of other parts like vocals or whole performances from different takes (concerts even!) and find I can line things up with ease since at least C5.
Maybe though it’s a 32 bit version issue. Just to let you know I have looked at it.

Chris B. Is it worth you retrying at 32 bit?

I am using the 32-bit version of Cubase 6.05 on Windows 7 x64. Sorry for any confusion.

The vertical line of the crosshair cursor does not line up with the centerpoint of the diamond. If I line up the vertical on a vertical grid line in the drum editor (SNAP OFF), the diamond is to the left of it. If I drop it there (again, with snap off), the diamond is to the left of the point where I aligned the crosshair.

I use (rather, used) the crosshair frequently to line up drum hits with each other that were not on a grid line. Now I have to fudge it by eye, because the crux of the crosshair is not where the diamond ends up. I use it for other purposes as well, but this is the big one for me.

The horizontal crosshair line is not the problem.

This screenshot is while dragging the diamond. As you can see, the vertical is not in line with the center of the diamond. If I drop the hit there, it will stay precisely where it is in the screenshot; NOT where the center of the crosshair indicates. The diamond above was where the diamond stayed when I had the crosshair lined up on the 56.2 verical gridline. It is clearly offset to the left as well.

The display offset is the same at all zoom levels, I realize now, so the offset will be greater if zoomed out further. I can post more screenshots if you need to see this demonstrated.

To be sure it wasn’t my studio PC that was somehow the problem, I installed Cubase on my home PC (some months back). The problem is identical.

I’ve tried both 64 and 32 6.0.5 - there’s no difference. The Gabealicious’s snapshot shows it right. So if you use the cross hair to line up the events, the one, you’re moving, will be a bit to the left off the right position. I believe this is not the right behaviour.

Gabealicious, what do you think about Snap to Events? It seems to me, it’ll be much easier way to do the job, even with the “perfect” crosshair.

Yes I do use snap to events, and it does help, but using the crosshair cursor has become part of my workflow. I’d rather not be forced to change that solely because something that used to work no longer does. I’d like to have both tools in normal working order.

I appreciate the advice.

Sure you’re right, everything must work properly.

So, Chris, there’s no doubt it’s a bug.


So what happens now?

Your picture’s different to what I see. My line is exactly on the right corner of the diamond. I think it’s supposed to be like when you place a tile on a wall, you hold the edge.
They’ve (seem to have) done it so the line holds the diamond rather than dictates the absolute position where it falls.
It needs looking at but whether the programmer thinks it’s a bug. I mean the answer from the programmer might come back: “Nope, that’s the way I designed it.” resulting in “Report= No bug.” resulting in no action. Not good for you though.
Couple of us need to keep an eye on this to see if it at least gets looked at.

Anything more on this??

I’ve had these kinds of problems in the past and more often than not it has been a graphics related issue, that is outside of cubase, or more specifically the Graphics Driver.

I’ve this on both systems, Win7 and OSX, so…

As i said it’s a graphics driver issue regardless of the OS, it has nothing at all to do with Cubase.

My 2 different systems has some graphic problems.

I’m going to check it on my 3rd different system…

As I posted earlier, I tried this on my home system as well. Studio PC: Intel i7 with Nvidia graphics card. Home PC: AMD Phenom II x4 with ATI graphics. The problem is identical.

The fellow above mentioned that the problem exists on PC and Mac…

If this issue is isolated, then someone needs to post a screenshot of how their crosshair cursor is working as it should (as it did in previous versions).

I don’t understand why this gets one comment from Chris saying he didn’t find anything, then after the screenshot and a couple of confirmations from users, it is completely ignored. Extremely offensive customer service. What happened to Steinberg?? Was it the Yamaha merger?? So tired of harping about this. Just give an answer, even it is 'Sorry, we won’t be addressing this."