Bug report / feature request / Success with M3 Mac

Couple of things I’ve noticed as I work with this program more:

  1. When I record 10 global drum stacks for which I’ve created drum tracks (the tracks are routed to the stacks and then out to discrete mixer outputs via Dante), when I stop recording the same waveform is shown in all tracks. When I restart the program I see all of the appropriate waveforms. I can only hear all the tracks once I restart and reload the program. Otherwise, I hear kick drum only until I reset the program.

  2. If I hit “undo” after I record (which I do in Cubase all the time), it only undoes the last track in the list of tracks recorded during the same take. Seems like “undo” should undo the entire recording.

  3. The selection markers randomly disappear, requiring a program reset. I can’t figure out what triggers this behavior. I can’t see a way to turn them off, but it’s possible I’m doing something to cause this issue.

Feature Requests:

For live processing of audio through VST plugs, I would love to know where the CPU resources are being spent (I think reaper does this track by track). Also, a percentage readout would be better than the bar in my opinion.

The current left and right markers are shaped such that it makes it difficult to set a short passage to listen to because the markers overlap. Also, the ability to zoom in by clicking in the marker area as in cubase would be a time saver.

Being able to arm all and monitor all tracks in that folder from a single click at the folder level would be cool. A setting where muting and soloing the stack also muted and soloed the track feeding it would eliminate a lot of scrolling back and forth when trying to set up a virtual soundcheck of the arrangement from recorded tracks. It seems as though I have to first solo a track then solo the corresponding stack. I would love to be able to have a single control at the stack menu if possible.

Is there any plan for global effects sends where multiple stacks can be sent to the same effect? The current send effects on each stack are more like a variable level insert.

Success on M3 Max
I have upgrade from M1 to M3 Max. I run from laptop to RME Dante to Yamaha TF Rack mixer. At 128 samples, I can run a full set of 12+ SSL Native Channel Strips (not the Waves version, the actual SSL plug which is more resource needy but sounds much better), UAD Capitol Studios verb on OH track (also a resource hog), as well as full vocal processing through Waves PSE, vocal rider, and SSL channel strips. Can even run a couple instances of the CLA Epic reverb delay that stacks multiple reverbs and delays on a single channel. I’ve hit about 65% CPU usage max and had almost zero pops and clicks. So this setup is very promising thus far. I’ll probably scale it back for actual show use but am going to see how stable the system is during rehearsals in coming months. The drums sound incredible so far, can’t wait to feed it a few full mixes.

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Thanks a lot for your report!

  1. will check, that looks wrong.
  2. probably multiple undo, one for each track? Will check that as well.
  3. What do you mean by “selection markers”?

Good point, we’ll check.

Agreed, will see. You know you can “Zoom to Cycle” in “Actions and Shortcuts/Editor”, and assign a keyboard shortcut or MIDI message to engage?

On our list.

Also a good one, will push it up.

You can send any Stack channel (in the Mixer) to a Group (Aux, Fx) channel, no?

Those specifically address the Stacks’ own Fx Channels. A Stack is a closed entity (a submixer) which only exposes its output channel to the Mixer. There is no means to use its internal Sends for anything else but its internal Fx Channels, sorry.

Happy to hear that it works that great for you! Keep us informed about your experiences with your impressive setup!

… fixed and ready with the next update,

Thanks Michael!

Any thoughts on having the stack also mute and solo any tracks feeding it? I can’t imagine a circumstance where you’d want to mute the track when you’re soloing a stack fed by the track.

Thanks again,

You mean why to STACK has own MUTE/SOLO?
They are not necessary routed to track, rather routed to MASTER-OUT or additional OUT. Sometimes you just simply want to MUTE sound coming from a specific STACK/LAYER

Indeed, it will be good to mute, solo etc all tracks from Folder level