Bug report forum


And again , the bug report forum is starting to fill up.

Some statistics:

3 collected bugs.

out of

46 collected bugs and 131 miscellaneous bugs.

This means that only 3 out of over 150 bugs are confirmed?

Can steinberg please assign somebody to check up on all these bugs that people spent time on to report and organize the bug subforum accordingly?

Move all bug reports that are bugs into the bug menu and start working on them. Everything that is not a bug can remain in the misc. section.

The start of the cubase9 bug forum is looking a lot like a “Abandoned reports n bugs forum” which we have gotten used to over the years by the company.

Will it do anything if i post this bug : https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=250&t=108625 in said forum or are you simply going to ignore it ? - Please tell me if you are going to address it if I make a bug report or if you are going to ignore it like you have ignored so many others in the past.
Maybe you should open a new subsection of the bugs forum called:
" To Sort" - all new posts go in here and this is the subforum where a Steinberg employee looks at the report and tests/confirms/classifies it accordingly so that it can move on to be fixed.
Make new prefixes in the bug titles like Working on it -or hey- something like “Bon (and then a number or so) - so we can see that you have confirmed it and are working on it… - bugs should be confirmed or not confirmed the same hour that they are posted (if it was posted in working hours)
Someone (who actually uses cubase to make music) needs to assess the importance of bugs and get them addressed… A lot of companies like to be in control of things like this and not be “helpless” and “overwhelmed” … Think of it like a customer support department with high profile customers and an SLA that the company needs to uphold… always solving the reports as soon as they pop up. never having anything “sit around” for more time than necessary… A Steinberg “Bug-Zapper” team if you will…
Yes, yes… I know… you are probably thinking " Don’t tell me how to do my job!” “pout, foot stomp” … But yeah, well… Think of it like this… If you are on tour, and the sound tech guy forgot to hook up the relay speakers somewhere along the area, you would tell him, and he would be thankful that you wanted to help him for the benefit of all… he wouldn’t be all fake proud and insulted and say “don’t tell me how to do my job”.
Samesame but different :wink:


What do you think?

wish you all a great week, dear steiny family=)

so many bugs came from 8.5.
Looks like that ISSUE thread is totally useless