BUG REPORT: FX Packs not working with custom Mini Sampler

I made a Mini Sampler intrument and some of the FX in the FX Packs aren’t working:

-Tape Delay
-Long Delay
-Non-Linear Reverb
-Earley Reflections

-Rotary Speaker

Also some of the standard FX:


They work fine when I use them with Micrologue, but with the Mini Sampler instrument I made I get no effect and if I turn the mix to 100% there is no sound so clearly they are not working.

I’m using the latest build of Cubasis 2.2, on iOS 10.3.3 on an Air 2. Very disappointing. :frowning:

Hi Rerun,

If possible, please share the project via dropbox, so we can have a look at the issue.
Please provide me with the download link via private message.