Bug report: hang changing octaves

(not sure if the forums are the right place for bug reports, the FAQ just says to send them to you without specifying how :slight_smile:)

Dorico hung when I tried to change the octave of a selection of notes I had just pasted.

Steps I followed:

  1. Write out a few notes
  2. Select them with the marquee tool
  3. Paste onto another staff
  4. Command-Option-Down Arrow
  5. Hang

However, the hang doesn’t reproduce when I try these steps again.

Attached a screen shot of the user interface state during the hang, the output of “sudo spindump Dorico” during the hang (which captures the heaviest stack trace), and the application.log from a few minutes after the hang. Thanks!
Hang Changing Octaves.zip (1.94 MB)

Thanks for reporting this. If you encounter this again, please let us know. We have substantially changed the way a lot of this area of the program works in the development of the forthcoming 1.0.10 update as part of our work on improving Dorico’s performance in note input and editing, and hopefully this won’t happen in the next update.