Bug Report - hang on exit

Nuendo 8.1 hangs when closing. I’m using a Lynx Aurora 16 with the latest drivers and the latest build of Windows. I can usually close a project and open another. But, if I close Nuendo, it hangs and never closes. I have to use Task Manager to close it and then it may mess up the audio driver.
Someone else must be seeing this too. I never had so many problems with any build of Nuendo. Nuendo 8.1 doesn’t crash as much while the program is running compared to 8.0 but the hand on exit is really very bad.

I’m pretty surprised no one else is seeing this. Seems like a very bad bug to me.

If this isn’t happening to everybody, then it is not a bug.
At best it is an incompatibility with some specific system/hardware.


Not very helpful, is it? His problems have been introduced with N8, if I understand him correctly.
The only obvious thing that comes to my mind to try to resolve this is maybe trying to see if an older version of the driver works - or stick to N7.1 for the moment since 8.0 and 8.1 are not working for him.


Although I didn’t write it down specifically and in detail, I’m saying exactly the same.
Try to find what has changed, and under which conditions it happens of doesn’t happen anymore.
I think that goes without saying.

There is no point in assuming that it is a bug, when there are no others who report the same issue.
I did search the forums and the internal bugbase for similar reports and didn’t found any.
Hence my answer that –for the moment- his issue isn’t considered being a Steinberg bug.


This happens in Nuendo 7 as well. I do not think this is a bug specific to Nuendo 8… At least for myself, it seems RAM isn’t being let go of during the close, and it just hangs there until I force it to close. It is not a maxed out RAM situation either. I have 48 gigs of RAM, and my projects are quite modest in nature. This happens sporadically. While a plug-in seems like a likely issue, it happens on many projects and then also closes fine on the same projects on a different day. I suppose the random occurrence is the troubling aspect for me.

Expanding my original thoughts…it seems I only have a hang on exit when I am on the project for a while. If I just bring a project up and do a mixdown, it closes normally. Something about an extended time creates the issue for me. Always about of 1 Gig of RAM that won’t clear, unless that is just what Nuendo uses for its program. I am finding it less to be a plugin issue. I am interested in hearing anyone else’s thoughts and experience.


I let N8 sometimes just sit there opened without a session running.
After say 30min , when I do want to close that N8 instance, it hangs.
And when it happens, I can not kill the Nuendo8 exe in process explorer.
Only quick solution is a system reboot.


Same problem here. Fresh windows 10 installation on pc, start nuendo 8 , when on exit it hangs.
No other special software installed only norton Internet Security, Halion 5 and the Steinberg mr816csx software and driver, Novation Remote mk 61 SL mk II driver ( No install of Automap software ), still trying to find the problem. With Nuendo 7 i did have the same problem, therefore honnestly speaking upgraded to version 8, with no good result

Running Norton Internet Security on an audio PC! How’s that working out for you?

I have this silly problem, too! And now Nuendo just cannot launch and keeps crashing in the start!!!

I use NIS only for security reasons during updating the OS system, and disable the security program when Nuendo is used.
However the software is still loaded in memory.

I wonder if the issue is with the “Studio Manager”. I have to use the Task Manager to close Nuendo quite a bit, unless I am only using Nuendo for a short period of time…10 minutes or so. When I sometimes try to start Nuendo again…it crashes. I have to do a restart on my computer, and when I initialize the program to start again…it hangs on Studio Manager for quite a while before loading.


has anyone figured out what is happening? I installed the latest firmware and drivers for my Lynx Aurora. The problem is still there. I can close the project but when I close Nuendo, it hangs. I’ve left it for a while but it never releases. When I check Task manager, it states the Nuendo is not responding. This has been going on over multiple Win10 updates, so it isn’t a new problem. Worse yet, when I end Nuendo via task manager it does not release the audio driver. Then I have to completely shut down and then reboot. Often, i have to setup my VST Connections again. It’s pretty frustrating. I have the fastest computer I’ve ever had, yet I’ve had more hangs and horrible crashes of Nuendo than ever before. I sure hope someone figures out what is happening.

Hanging on exit all the time here too. I haven’t found a reliable reason as sometimes it quits the session elegantly although most times it will just hang.

Call it what it is - it’s a bug.

I was able to “possibly” solve the hang on exit problem. After the changes listed, I have not had Nuendo hang on exit. Of course, I still have a few other major issues with Nuendo 8.2.10. Here is what I did.

  1. found all rewire.dll files and renamed them - tip fromanother forum
  2. uninstalled Nvidia drivers and let Windows download and install the drivers.
  3. updated faderport firmware and reinstalled it
  4. uninstalled XLN Cloud Sync (I think this may have been my problem as it runs in the background - but my computer is not on the internet)
  5. uninstalled many unused plugins
  6. reinstalled Nuendoafter uninstalling and deleting the Nuendo folder in appdata roaming

So far, it has not hung in the last four days on exit.

Just adding to the list of people having this issue, generally exits fine but will hang if the project has been open for some time… I’m not running anything syncing in the background and I am not running anything that I wasn’t using with previous Nuendo versions and haven’t had this issue before. I have updated all my drivers. I had hoped to avoid reinstalling everything.


I have actually had this problem for years, with many iterations of Nuendo. Still have it today. It might have to do with some compatibity issues with the Lynx, which I also use!

Nuendo will just not shut down, not even from the Task Manager. If you kill it from the task manager, Nuendo disappears from view, but still stubbonly hangs on in the task manager process tab.

You can wait. And wait. And wait some more, and it will eventually shut off (10? 15? 20 minutes?). This phantom Nuendo will hold onto the Lynx audio driver and not allow it to be opened with anything else until it shuts down.

Quickest way out is to restart the system, or log off and then log on. But I will agree, it is a PITA, but one I’ve been living with for a LONG time…

Hey Dan,
It’s good to see you have the problem and are on Win 7. I was beginning to think it was a Win 10 issue.

Got the same thing here-> Hang on exit.
But not as much with “audio only” sessions. These do rarely pose a problem.
Just the sessions with video content crash almost every time at close/exit.
And reboot is than fastest way out.