Bug report - how?

Please remind me how one can submit a bug report.

I have a deterministic, repeatable error where the program cannot locate Adobe activated fonts on startup. Will provide full details in the appropriate channel.

This forum is generally the best place.

Yes, please provide the necessary information here.

When you say “Adobe-activated fonts” I guess you mean fonts that you’re activating via the Adobe Creative Cloud application on your computer? Such fonts will only be available to third-party (i.e. non-Adobe) applications if they are downloaded and activated in such a way as they appear in the list of fonts shown in your operating system font utility (i.e. the Fonts control panel on Windows and in Font Book on macOS). Dorico does not have access to fonts that are located in private, temporary locations that Adobe might choose to use for its own applications. You can read more about this on Adobe’s web site.

Based on real world experience, I dispute this. At least on Mac, as long as I open Dorico after activating from the Adobe Fonts webpage, Dorico correctly picks up the fonts (and no, they don’t show up in Font Book).

Well, I’ll post the screen shot shortly. It is Calluna Sans, and I use that in all my other publishing work. And yes, it shows up in the Windows 10 font list.

I am just discovering while preparing to report this it only seems to happen after a system restart.

Stay tuned.

OK folks, here’s bug. I have determined it only happens after restart. Calluna Sans is activated - I have double checked (and it would not be on the system if it were not). All other programs such as InDesign and non Adobe apps such as Libre Office see it immediately after restart with no delay.

Here’s the message:

And after this, all the Calluna family fonts in the score default to some system default font.

This is repeatable on my system. It stops the project loading, but I notice if one clicks cancel the project opens, with the font. So one could say this is not a problem, but it is, because a) it should not be happening, b) its very inconvenient, and c) sometimes while multitasking I expect Dorico to load in the background but it is blocked by this error.

I am running Windows 10 as up to date with patches as you can get, and a full subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud, the complete app suite. Dorico 3.5.12.

As yet I’ve been unable to find any technical documentation on the Adobe site that specifies the method by which it activates fonts, so at the moment I’m not able to really dig into this to find out more.

If you find that in fact the font does appear as expected anyway, you can switch off the missing fonts warning on the Files page of Preferences, which will allow the project to open without prompting you.