Bug Report - In galley mode, dynamics move vertically when editing another staff

That’s pretty much it. In one particular part, both editing and entering notes in galley mode is causing some, but not all, dynamics in a different staff to move vertically, and undoing only makes the problem worse (dynamics continue to move down past other instruments, away from their attachment point), until you get to a certain threshold, and then they snap back into place. But by that point, you’ve undone all the editing you were trying to do and more.
I’ve had this happen with more than one file. The staff affected is sometimes adjacent to the one I’m editing, but sometimes it isn’t. Not all the dynamics move at once, either. I’ve tried cutting and pasting the staff with the moving dynamics into another file, deleting that instrument and recreating it, but the bug persists. I have also tried cutting and pasting the staff I’m editing in to a new file, and deleting that instrument (the one I’m trying to edit) and recreating it, then putting the music back in. That seems to work, so I’m using it as a temporary workaround, but it’s time consuming.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give on this!

Even after using the workaround above, the problem returns. This time, I hid a rest in the lower staff of a harp part, and the dynamics for the cello above started moving. Again, I’m in galley mode, so this shouldn’t be happening!

Guarantee they’re gonna want to see the file.

Also, this sounds familiar, though I haven’t experienced it for a long time.

We do see problems like this from time to time, which are due to the way Dorico attempts to only reprocess the part of the score that is actually affected by an edit, rather than recalculating everything. When there is a mismatch between the semantic calculation of the musical time that is affected by an edit and the actual graphical range, this kind of problem can occur. It will always go away after you save, close and reopen the project, but further edits in that area will make the problem recur. If you zip up and attach the project here, together with steps to reproduce it, we can take a look and try to fix it.

I also encounter that bug on my current project. There, it only occurs on certain grouped dynamics involving the “poco a poco” flag. When I switch off and on the “poco a poco” suffix in the properties panel, the other dynamic markings of the group reset back to their normal positions. Maybe this helps in identifying what causes this issue.

If you’d like us to investigate further, please provide your project so that we can see the specific situation for ourselves.

I just started having this problem today, if you see the screenshot the highlighted dynamics are each at least one full staff below where they belong. If I add more dynamics to say, the F Horn they will move even further down. It looks fine in Page View but not in Galley View. It just started happening around bar 93 or 94. I am on a Mac using the latest Dorico Pro. I also tried to add a diagnostics file but it was too big to add.
Capriccio.dorico.zip (908 KB)

Thanks for reporting this problem, Kevin. I’ve tried your project in our latest development build, and I believe this problem is now fixed. In the meantime, although it looks alarming, the good news is that you should find your project always prints or exports to PDF with the correct appearance, and you can be sure that if you close and reopen the project, the dynamics will be back in the right place.

Thank you Daniel, you and the team are doing a great job!

Often you don’t even need to close and reopen the project, switching to Print mode and back does the trick as well.