Bug report: Key Editor CC Lanes inconsistency

Annoying issue with the Key Editor:

  • Open the Key Editor.
  • Draw a few random notes.
  • Draw some CC lanes under the notes. Make sure the CC data starts before and ends after the group of notes (cf. screenshot).
  • Click on any note to select it.
  • Select All (Command+A).
  • Edit > Select > Select Controllers in Note Range
  • Edit > Select > Invert
  • Press Delete on the keyboard.

Result: the CC data is trimmed to the note range, which is what you would expect.

Now, modify some CC data by drawing on any of the lanes. Repeat the steps above starting with “Select All”. The selection inversion doesn’t work properly, because Cubase thinks there is focus on the controller lane. This has no visual feedback whatsoever to the user and, more importantly, makes creating consistent macros impossible (you can’t fix this with “Select None” first).