Bug Report: Midi Import Options


I’ve been working on a project this week that has around 15 flows. I’ve twice encountered a pretty big bug when importing midi with the Midi Import Options, where Galley View has unusual spaces between some of the systems.

At first, I didn’t think it would cause any issues, but then the bugs started piling up on the flow.

  • Select to end of flow - wasn’t able to do it from the 1st measure, only where the music started.
  • Copy/Pase - every time I copied something, it would paste it at the very top system, no matter how much I tried to paste it where it belonged.
  • Dynamics - sometimes dynamic input didn’t work
  • Part Layouts - the part layouts were unworkable in the flow due to the bug

The solution has been to create a new flow, then copy/paste everything from the affected flow. But even this has issues where some instruments are pasted starting at different measures than the original.

I hope this is something that can be looked at. It has hampered my work considerably and I have a very tight deadline for this week.

All the best,


I’m sorry to hear you’re encountering a problem here, Juan, but unfortunately you don’t provide enough information for us to take any action to look into the problem. Could you please provide files that reproduce the problem, and steps to follow to reproduce the issues?

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for taking the time to see this issue. Attached is a Dorico file and the midi file I imported. This wasn’t the only midi file that caused this issue, but it should give you an idea. The bug occurred with every other midi I imported to the template.

Please take a look at how the parts look as well when having this error.

Thanks again!

Computer specs:
Windows 10
i7-5820K CPU @ 3.30GHz
64 GB Ram

Sandro_AW_JM - m32 Bugged.dorico (3.4 MB)
AW_m32_Q.mid (106.5 KB)