Bug Report MIDI Remote Channel mapping

After much testing I now believe to have identified a bug in the midi-remote feature.

  1. I defined a script for my non-listed keyboard: Hammer 88 Pro, with 9 faders
  2. I set up a test project with 100 audio tracks, unconnected
  3. With the MIDI Remote Mapping Assistant I click the following:
  • Functions Browser → Mix Console → Mixer Bank Zone → ===Setup=== → Mixer Channels=100
    4.Assign fader number 4 to channel 44 (so: random) (via Functions Browser → Mix Console → Mixer Bank Zone → Channels → Channel 44 → Volume
    (there is only 1 mapping page: the Default)
  1. Close the MIDI Remote Mapping Asistant
  2. Move fader no 4: it works
  3. Close project.
  4. Reopen the project and move fader no 4: it works
  5. Close the project (save) and close Nuendo
  6. Restart Nuendo and open the test project
  7. Move fader no 4: Nothing happens
  8. Open the MIDI Remote Mapping Assistant and follow the path as in item 3: Mixer Channels are shown to be: 1
  9. In the left panel of the RMMA I can read that fader 4 is now mapped to channel 1.
  10. Close RMMA and move fader 4: nothing moves, not even channel 1 in the Mix Console window.

I hope that this is a clear description of the way to reproduce the surprising (and disappointing) behaviour, and that

  • either development will squash the bug
  • or someone is able to explain to me what I may do to get better results.

Thank you for any (re)action.
As you may have inferred: I really like the product.

Best wishes,

Thanks to sonicacademy.com I saw a tutorial where someone assigned a volume fader to the surface by rightclicking the image in the MixConsole. That way everything falls into place. No more banks needed. The link is resistant to moving the channel about and to name changes.
I am glad that I now can start using this goodie.
Still a bug, I think.
Thanks for thinking with me.
All the best,