Bug Report: MIDI timing issue Cubasis Loop Mode

Hi Lars,

I found out that it is not related to the project or version.

During the weekend I deleted the Cubasis 3 app, losing all projects.
I installed a fresh 3.2.1 version and did some testing.
What I found out is weird:

  • first I was unable to reproduce the timing issue with increasing desynchronization as shown in the video.
    However, after a while the project lost synchronization while working on it, but not in a logical way.

Then happened something which ist really strange:

  • after adding some layers to one of the tests the issue became exactly the same as shown in the video. On other tests I was not able to reproduce it.
    Deleting the layers afterwards didn’t change anything.

All of this does not happen on Cubasis 2.

I assume that it is the same issue as described at the beginning of this thread:
“if you set the loop range to exactly one bar for example, during each loop iteration, instead of sending 96 clock ticks, Cubasis will send 97 clock ticks, causing the infamous audible clock shift that increases with each loop cycle”

Thanks a lot for trying to solve this. I think many people work on short loops before sequencing them into a track, so solving this issue will help a lot…


One correction:
today I noticed the timing issue also on Cubase 2.
To test it I let a bassdrum run simultaneously with one running on the internal sequencer from the Elektron Rytm and it gets clearly out of sync after a while.
On Cubasis 3 the delay ist stronger.

It happens only in loop mode, and the delay comes after the first loop cycle and keeps increasing on every round.

here’s a short video showing the issue:
I started a 4/4 bassdrum simultaneosly with the Elektron Rytm.
The Cubasis MIDI clock starts the internal sequencer of the Rytm and a the same time it sends MIDI signals from the Cubasis sequencer triggering the same beat.

At the beginning it is synchronized but after a few cycles it gets clearly out of sync.

What is also interesting is that the tempo, which is set to 120 bpm on both Cubasis 2 and Elektron Rytm, changes to 125 or 122 each time the loop cycle starts again, and then on the second beat it jumps back to 120.
Probably this is what is causing the sync troubles.

Hope this helps.
Thanks, Martin

I was hoping the timing issue would not appear on Cubasis 3.3, but it is still there.
Can’t work with it this way.

Hi @castor,

Thanks for your message which has been shared with our engineer for further evaluation.


Some informations that could be helpful:

  • the issue sometimes does not show up from the beginning. I was not able to reproduce at first but a few days later it appeared. I couldn’t detect any change in the project. The day before it was ok and then the issue was there. Once it is there it does not go away.

  • the issue of increasing desynchronization after every loop as shown in the video doesn’t happen on Cubasis 2.

  • the issue appears in the same way using diferent types of hardware.

Kind regards, Martin


one thing I found out:
the desync issue only affects the first note.

If the looped beat starts 1/64 later within the snap grid it stays in sync.

I tried to trick the issue by starting just a bit later ( less than 1/64 ) but then the issue appeared again.
So it has something to do with the first segment of the snap grid.
When I start the beat on the second segment it works without any timing issues.

Kind regards

Hi @castor,

Thank you for providing these additional information, which has been shared with our engineering and testing.

We will let you know once we have new information available.


Hi @castor,

Unfortunately, our quality assurance seems to be unable to reproduce your issue with the latest available Cubasis 3.3.1 app version.

Nevertheless, it might be possible that your issue will be address in the next Cubasis update, where it is planned to add slight improvements in that area.